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Welcome! This website contains in depth information regarding Genuine Himalayan crystal Salt , Salt history, Himalayan salt mines , Excavation of salt , Transportation, manufacturing processes of different salt products, Health benefits of Himalayan crystal salt and comparison of Himalayan crystal salt with ordinary so called Refined Table salt and much more…
This website is run and maintained by the ZNZ, the largest, authenticated, registered and reputed manufacturers and suppliers of Genuine Himalayan crystal salt products. ZNZ are a native Himalayan company engaged in salt business for more than 3 decades. ZNZ are known for Quality, innovation, competitiveness and prompt services through out the world. We have been enjoying the strongest Distribution network worldwide where more than 100 potential importers and wholesalers selling our products successfully. To see our credentials and know more details click ABOUT US

Further about our products line, We maintain a biggest ever inventories of crystal salt products and have been adding new items on regular bases. Our ultimate goal is to keep our distributors well equipped with new products so that they have a clear edge on their competitors .
Over the years we have devised a Distributors friendly mechanism where we offer all possible support and cooperation to make their businesses a success. Our distributors are at a liberty to place orders for any quantum they may wish as we don’t have any restriction like MOQ etc. We also offer flexible payment terms with immense back up services. In a nut shell we never abandon our valued distributors and buyers worldwide. Our business is based on transparency and Trust and this is why more and more customers are joining us on regular bases. To provide even more facilities and tools to all those who wish to join ZNZ as distributor /partner, we recently have offered more comprehensive packages. To view the details please click Partners
Just to give you an overview of our products line, hereunder are some of the main categories:

• Crystal Salt lamps(natural , machine made, exclusive hand carved series)
Crystal Salt Candle holders, Tea light holders(natural , machine made, exclusive )
Crystal Salt Bricks, tiles, Blocks and Slabes.
Crystal Salt Bath products.
Crystal Salt chunks
Crystal Salt Lumps
Crystal Salt licks for animals
Crystal salt granulate edible.

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